by elevator

Second floor

to the top

On foot

1.und 2. floor


11,00 €


7,00 €

Young people between
12 to 24 years

8,50 €


5,00 €

Admission for children under 4 years are free

Disabled people and their companion: Allowance for the elevator, ie € 4.00 and € 10.00 and 3.00 Euro on foot (The upper floor is not accessible by wheelchair).

Children between
4 to 11 years

4,00 €

8,00 €

3,00 €

Admission to the Eiffel Tower 2017

Tickets are available at the official homepage buy LINK: (english)   Weiter (not for groups )


The number of visitors is huge on some days. Queues of 2-3 hours are not uncommon. With an online ticket then the queue is not so long. The tickets can be relatively easy to buy from the official homepage of the Eiffel Tower. It must, however on the day and set the time. Use the following link will take you directly to the official ticket service side of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. There is also the possibility of other portals to buy a ticket. This charge, however, up to 3 euro service charge in addition and grab it back in the same booking platform.

For groups and school groups benefit from reduced prices and it is a pre - reservation required.
Information, see the following pages.

Group rates

School group rates








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