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Why dedicate a page to the Eiffel Tower?

faszination Eiffelturm ...

I have been to many cities around the Globe and always have been fascinated by enormous buildings.  I have been lucky enough to climb some of the highest buildings. Every Skyscraper is impressive in its own way. As a small group arrives at the foot of the building one will be placed in an unbelievable fast elevator. Take the Sears Tower.  The trip, for example lasted all of a minute and one did not even have to change or transfer to a different elevator. Contrary to the Baiyoke Tower. You will arrive there on the 17th floor, the impressive Rainbow Hall. From there several elevators take you to different floors. Amongst other things the Baiyoke Tower is one of the highest Hotels.  We were lucky enough to have dinner in the Bangkok Sky Restaurant (for the right amount of money) and had a fantastic view from the 79th floor.  The Buffet offered a giant selection of national typical cuisine. Then you can reach a revolving platform via stairs on the 84th floor.  WOW The most impressive trip however was the trip to the top of the Eiffel Tower. The first elevator takes you up 57 meters and if you do not care to get off there you can ride up to the 2nd level at 115 meters.  The noises of the ropes and chains along with the impression-less face of the lift operator are quite adventurous.  The trip to the highest platform at 274 meters in one of the glass elevators in the center of the Eiffel Tower is what you can only describe as crazy. You can practically feel the height. One tries not to make a face and occasionally tries to catch a glimbs downward. This exciting trip is rewarded with the most spectacular view of Paris.
Thank you Gustav Eiffel!